For many years now NAPRA has entertained its fans with great competition on a myriad of rivers throughout the Midwest.  Their professional league is based on 3 C’s that they live by:

The anglers compete in a 6 month saga to be the best of the best. Each twist and turn of the river can create magic or frustration. This anticipation of the next big “lunker” keeps up coming back to the river each competition and beyond.

At NAPRA, they give back to the waters they wade through cleanup endeavors, youth education, and charity functions. Without giving back the treasures of the river would be as valuable as an thin air.
They are more than competitors. They are family. Throughout the years they have seen much change in the anglers both professionally and personally. They have so many sponsors that have been with them for the ride and they are forever in their debt. The journey is long and they are excited to  wade through the journey that fishing brings them each and every day. 

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